22 April, International Mother Earth Day

dia de la tierra

During the last decade, OMEP focused its action on education for sustainability through global and regional conferences, research projects, update proposals for educators, and annual awards.

Today more than ever, we need to create a sustainable life for people and for the planet. The members of OMEP have historically worked on this, enlightened by the pedagogical knowledge founded in Froebel, Montessori, Steiner, Freire and Malaguzzi, who valued children’s exploration and participation in the construction of knowledge and in the care of the world and all the living beings that inhabit it.

Within the framework of this celebration, Matteo Corbucci, President of the OMEP National Committee in Italy, presented “Preschool education for the safeguarding of our planet”, in the media “RAI”

OMEP ITALY shared the project “Fairy tale for Earth. ”

See the interview here.

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