Advancing the Decade for Early Childhood Care and Education 

portada kingston

The IIN-OAS Inter-American Children’s Institute is the OAS Specialised Agency for Children and Adolescents. The Directing Council is made up of the highest authorities on children from the 34 States of the Inter-American System. The 97th Ordinary Meeting of the Directing Council was held in Kingston, Jamaica, where the working guidelines for the coming years were defined. 
The World President of World OMEP Mercedes Mayol Lassalle presented the initiative of the “DECADE FOR EARLY CHILDHOOD CARE AND EDUCATION” which has been very well received by the delegates of the 18 participating countries: Canada, USA, Mexico, Costa Rica, Honduras. El Salvador, Panama, Jamaica, Barbados, Colombia, Ecuador, Chile, Paraguay, Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay, Dominican Republic, Trinidad and Tobago.

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