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The Latin American Vice-Presidency of OMEP in partnership with Arcor Foundation in Argentina, Brazil, Chile, and the Arcor Group in Peru, Paraguay, Bolivia and Uruguay, are launching two series of podcasts that aim to explore the importance of Education for Sustainable Development (ESD) in early childhood. The series is called “Childhood at Play”.

The guests who participate are international experts such as Claudia Serafini, María Julia Garcete, Alejandra Castiglioni, Alicia Gravina, Víctor Giorgi, Norka Blanco-Portela, Giovanna Mode and Martha Llanos. Each of them contributes with their experience and knowledge in the field of early education and sustainable development, from the four pillars that make it up: cultural, social, economic and environmental. With concrete examples from everyday life and the functioning of the classroom, the specialists explain the different aspects of education and sustainable development: environmental practices, how to foster identities in the educational environment, and also how to strengthen links and sustainable communities.

Mercedes Mayol Lassalle, OMEP World President, also contributed to a special edition on the National Day for the Rights of Children and Adolescents:

Episodes can be listened to on Spotify:
All podcasts are in Spanish.

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