Become a Member of OMEP

Become a Member of OMEP

Preparatory Committee

Before attaining full membership as a national committee within World OMEP, a committee is given the status of “preparatory committee” for two years. Below is a detailed explanation for the preparation process to become an OMEP official member.

  1.   A small group of people with an interest, or established groups related to the fields of education, health, social services or other fields that may want to meet in order to start the process. Their common interest must be young children (0 – 8 years).
  2.   One or more current national organizations taking the initiative, where there should be a national or even international perspective, an OMEP preparatory committee must be created by representatives of particular organizations interested in young children.

3.    A Government, Ministry of Education, Health or Social Development can appoint a group to set up an OMEP Preparatory Committee.

  1.   Constitution: the group should be willing to comply with the regulations set forth in OMEP Constitution and should draft its own OMEP national constitution in line with the international framework. Copies of the current Constitution can be available from OMEP Regional Vice President or from the World Presidency to serve as the bases on which OMEP national Constitution shall be drafted.
  2.   Work Plan: the group should prepare a work plan for the Preparatory Committee. This will largely depend on the conditions of the country and its financial situation, but it could include: 
    •   Influential people, individuals, lawmakers, administrators and public opinion
    •   Using advertising media to inform about problems related to young children’s education and care.  
    •  Conducting surveys and research raising awareness on problems and promoting discussion.
    •   Organizing short training courses, seminars or conferences.
    •   Getting in contact with other professionals such as higher education institutions, with a view to fostering early childhood as well as care policies and practices.
    •   Increase membership by disseminating information through personal and professional contacts.
  3.  An annual membership fee
    •   Raising funds
    •   Holding conferences at a suitable priceFunding: the group should decide the means through which it will collect funds to boost the Preparatory Committee work. This could be done by:

Once the previous steps have been fulfilled, the next one is to request recognition from OMEP World Assembly. The documentation below has to be sent to the Regional Vice Presidency, who will forward it to the World Presidency:


  1.   A letter of application to be recognized as a Preparatory Committee;
  2.   A list of all the committee members, including their resume, and
  3.   A draft of the constitution in one of the three OMEP official languages – English, French or Spanish.


After the Word Executive Committee consideration to determine that all the documents have been received, the application should be requested before the next World Assembly annual meeting, in which the recognition can be granted together with the rights it is entitled to as a Preparatory Committee.

 Any preparatory committee interested in gaining a National Committee full member status, will pay an annual due, prepare an annual report on the activities conducted by the Preparatory Committee and shall submit a list of its members and representatives.  The World Assembly can grant all the rights as National Committee, including the right to vote at the next meeting.

Individual Members

An Individual Member is an individual who accepts OMEP’s aims and objectives, and who is recognized by the World Assembly as such, in countries where there is neither a National Committee nor a Preparatory Committee. Individual Members may assume responsibility for creating a Preparatory Committee in their countries.

Individual Membership is authorized by the World Executive and approved by the World Assembly upon recommendation from the Region.

Individual Members attend OMEP World Assembly meetings as observers and do not have any voting rights.

Annual fee for individual member U$S50,00 (fifty US dollars)

Learn how to become an individual partner or create a committee in your country at

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