About OMEP Blog

About OMEP Blog

One of the new communication channels that characterize this millennial are the Blogs: virtual spaces in which short articles with state-of-the-art knowledge on specific subjects are shared on a regular basis.

With this new OMEP blog we aim at establishing a corpus that will enable the organization to strengthen its actions and influence the political and academic arena in favor of young boys’ and girls’ right to education around the world. We are going to use this communication strategy to collaborate with the promotion of inclusive, equitable and quality education for early childhood, positioning ourselves as critical pedagogists and as human rights activists. As we believe that the pedagogical and political narrative carried out by OMEP and its community needs to become visible, we are going to implement several communication channels and actions. 

We trust that this Blog will allow us to spread our message among public officials, politicians, colleagues, educators, families and any person or party interested, by contributing to the expansion and strengthening the knowledge community committed to early childhood. 

The name “Rights from the start” resumes a project started in 2018 along with CLADE (Latin American Campaign for the Right to Education) and EDUCO Foundation, to whom we thank for their solidarity and commitment to the cause for the realization of human rights during early childhood.

OMEP invites educators and OMEP members to contribute with their views and constructive words to keep insisting on how important it is to reinforce our work with knowledge and a political responsibility towards childhoods around the world.

Contact: blogeditor@omepworld.org

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