« Every mother should be able to provide her child with a supportive environment from conception: serenity, shelter and healthy food. Human security is the prerequisite for a child’s sense of self-worth, confidence and balance, » says Jill DONNELLY, who has worked as a tutor in disadvantaged 
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Modern parenting presupposes equal involvement of both parents in the upbringing, education and care of children. Of course, it is not a matter of sharing everything in equal proportions, but to each parent taking the part of the responsibilities in which he or she feels 
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“Children learn how to mourn. It is necessary to find a model of bereavement that suits them instead of imposing an adult model.” W. Worden Childhood is the precious age in which the human being should be surrounded by affection, protection, education, health and mainly 
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The Confinement managed to stop us, and start thinking, to feel, to imagine, to value, to thank, to feel human. Confinement has made us think about our way of life: rush, stress, superficiality, intolerance of frustration, submission to screens, competitiveness, endless occupations, excessive dependencies. It 
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