CCNGO- What is the role Civil Society Organisations in supporting education and knowledge in shaping the society we want?

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UNESCO’s Collective Consultation of NGOs on Education 2030 (CCNGO) Coordination Group, of which OMEP is part, has submitted an independent report to the Futures of Education Initiative reflecting on current and future global trends and the role of education and CSOs within it.

The report showcases CSOs role in advocating for a humanistic vision of education in the reflection and development of policy, legislation and financing, with a lifelong learning perspective.


1 – Education as a human right and transformative concept

2 – CSOs as “critical friends and partners” to government and other actors in education

3 – CSOs support citizen empowerment and learning environments at community level

Conclusion and recommendations

The report elaborates nine recommendations to guide and support CSOs and their partners towards shaping a sustainable future.

Read the report here

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