Civil Society Networks

Civil Society Networks

The World Organization for Early Childhood Education (OMEP) works in direct relation with other Civil Society Organizations and participates in networks of NGOs related to Early Childhood Care and Education and young children’s rights, which are also the goals of the organization.

Creating networks allows us to have better responses in the face of emergencies, to strengthen communication campaigns, and to broaden, directly or indirectly, our reach to more boys and girls.

Some Organizations we work with:

Global Campaign for Education (GCE) 

The Global Campaign for Education is a civil society movement that promotes and defends education as a basic human right. It works at international, regional and national levels to put pressure on governments worldwide to provide public, free and quality education.


The Latin American Campaign for the Right to Education (CLADE, for its name in Spanish) is a plural network of civil society organizations that has presence in 18 countries in Latin America and the Caribbean. This organization promotes actions to mobilize society and have a political impact regarding the human right to a transformative, public, laic and free education for everyone, throughout their whole lives and as a responsibility of the State. 

OMEP’s Regional Vice President for Latin America and the National Committees of the Region participate in several joint initiatives. Among them, an important initiative was the study launched in 2018 on “The Right to Care and Education in Early Childhood: Perspectives from Latin America and the Caribbean”.

Early Childhood Peace Consortium (ECPC) 

The Early Childhood Peace Consortium works to benefit from social services to soften conflicts and promote social cohesion. It is a unified network of stakeholders from all sectors, including civil society, the media, public officials, foundations and philanthropic organizations, as well as professionals and scholars who defend the construction of peace and the prevention of violence through an agenda for the development of early childhood (DEC).

OMEP is one of the partners at ECPC and works actively in permanent collaboration, particularly on childhood issues regarding migration and refugees.

Joint declarations

Euro Child

Euro Child is a network of organizations and individuals that work across Europe to promote the rights and wellbeing of children and young people. Its vision is to strive for a society where all children and young people grow up happy, healthy, confident and respected as individuals in their own right. Its mission is to promote the rights and wellbeing of children in public policies through promotion, exchange among members and research. 


ARNEC is a network established to build strong partnerships across sectors and different disciplines, organizations, agencies and institutions in the Asia-Pacific region to advance the agenda on and investment in Early Childhood. 

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