Towards the Decade for Early Childhood Care and Education

Why a United Nations Decade for Early Childhood Care and Education – ECCE?

Humanity owes an enormous debt to early childhood. We find ourselves at a deep cruel and painful historical juncture for children that requires the construction of a determined action to reverse it and ensure the well-being and full development of boys and girls from birth. The human rights of children must be placed at the center of the political agendas of all countries to assume, face and overcome the risks, suffering and injustices that the youngest are living at the founding stage of their lives.

General Objective:

Place early childhood at the center of the global agenda, promoting the creation of a broad world movement with the participation of the United Nations System, States and governments, civil society, the business sector, academia and science to significantly and urgently increase efforts for the holistic protection of the human rights of early childhood, focusing in their care and education.

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