Dialogues between Education, Culture and Bodies from the perspective of Rights


I am Alejandra Castiglioni, Administrative Vice President of the Argentine OMEP Committee

A contextualized educational conversation holds the uniqueness of each girl and boy. With it, diversity, the reference that our own cultural landscape inherits and what is our heritage and also completes us.

For its part, Diversity becomes visible in our bodies and generates the most varied representations that are in tension when relating, generating conflicts and consensus… since they suggest arbitrary valuations that in many cases, generate stigmatizations, invisibilities and denials as a result of prestige Self-perceived that perpetuate social asymmetries and move towards the abyss of symbolic distancing, consolidating painful inequities. There, the opportunity to develop transformations in the plot of the educational event.

This speaks of a perspective of rights, the right to culture, to play, to health, to identity and to education that, as Mercedes Mayol Lassalle mentions – in its implementation – pulls all the others.

This is how culture is played, it is resignified in the educational conversation, where we learn to take care of our health and nature, to know who we are and our history, to relate to and choose as citizens … for this reason, an educational act is a political act to empower the boy, girl .. intercultural citizens of today.

Beings of transformation and non-adaptation Freire changes, with the right to legitimize his voice in the production of knowledge, which is legitimate for their bodies since the transformation experience is lived and inscribed in them.

Education and childhoods are presented as privileged spaces to ethically bridge the gap between the daily vulnerability of so many human beings and the literal nature of the laws that set forth their rights. Thus building equity of differences, in the co-responsibility of living in the common good.

And stop at the wonder of the uniqueness of each girl and boy. They carry an unavoidable vital impulse, bringing ruptures and always inviting us to a new beginning

For 70 years and today, from OMEP we have been fighting for a world of justice, love and hope, hope that is not naivety but it is a critical and committed wait, building a new order, a new dawn.

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