Digital book: “My yard is the world” proposals for education for the sustainable development of early childhood.


The “Mi patio es el mundo” (My yard is the world) Award is a joint initiative of OMEP and ISA -Inversión Social Arcor-, whose objective is to recognize quality projects on ESD, developed in institutions dedicated to ECEC in various countries of the Latin American region. It was created with the conviction that there are valuable experiences to be shared in early childhood education, it began in 2018 in Argentina and Chile, in 2019 Brazil joined, in 2020 Paraguay and Uruguay, and in 2021 Bolivia also participates.

Through this publication we seek to share what has been learned and reflected on in the different editions of the Award. Winning and honorable mention projects were compiled and rewritten as articles linking the social, economic, cultural and environmental dimensions of ESD, describing and recording selected early childhood education practices.

The authors are educators from public, private or community establishments in Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Paraguay and Uruguay. The voices of OMEP members who participated as coordinators and tutors were also added. The colleagues from OMEP Chile offer a broad overview of the history of ESD developed by OMEP since 2008 and share the meanings and efforts to build a pedagogy that supports educational proposals and teaching practices. For their part, the OMEP Brazil colleagues write about the resonance that the award has had in their country and the articulation and meaning of the pedagogical work developed in the proposals of the Brazilian teachers on ESD.

The task of compiling, publishing and sharing this book implies the affirmation of the value of installing quality ESD proposals, aimed at early childhoods.

We invite you to read and share it.

Available in Spanish and Portuguese.

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