G20 Declaration regarding Children

The Leaders’ Declaration from the recent G20 Summit in Argentina includes two key paragraphs about children ( paragraph 8 and 14, see below).  Now it is up to OMEP and other early childhood advocates to make sure these good intentions lead to meaningful new policies, with adequate funding and monitoring to ensure high quality education for all.

Excerpts from the declaration:

8. Access to education is a human right and a strategic public policy area for the development of more inclusive, prosperous, and peaceful societies. We underline the importance of girls ́ education. To equip our citizens to reap the benefits of societal and technological innovations we will promote coordination between employment and equitable quality education policies, so we can develop comprehensive strategies that promote key competences such as learning to learn, foundation and digital skills, in a lifelong learning perspective from early childhood. We acknowledge the need to foster evidence-based innovative pedagogies and methods for all levels of education.

14. We launch the G20 Initiative for Early Childhood Development and stand ready to join all stakeholders in enhancing quality and sustainably financed early childhood programs that consider the multidimensional approach of ECD as means of building human capital to break the cycle of intergenerational and structural poverty, and of reducing inequalities, specially where young children are most vulnerable.

Here is the link to the full text of the declaration: ​ 

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