GLOBAL HANDWASHING DAY 2020. The experience of a New Zealand kindergarten, in Covid-19 times


World Handwashing Day

 OMEP New Zealand-Aotearoa

Kia ora (Hello) and welcome to Level 2.

At level 2 we will use the back door.

First your Whānau (family) will use their phone to scan the QR code. You can knock on the door and a Kaiako (teacher) will open it for you. You might need to wait for a little while if there are lots of people.

Kaiako 1: “Morena, how are you this morning?”

Tamariki (child):Child: “Good.”                                                                  

Kaiako 1: “Good, kei te pai (it is good). Awesome. What does Mae need to do?”                       

First you’ll need to find a hook and put up your bag.

Then, we can take off our shoes. It’s a really good idea to do this before we wash our hands so we can get all the germs off.

It’s now time to horoi o ringa ringa (wash your hands). Your whānau can use hand sanitizer to clean their hands too.

You will now put your lunchbox away as usual and put your name tag by your bag.

And your whānau will sign you in. Hazel is pretending to be Mae’s papa.

Now it’s time for an awhi (hug) and to wave at the window.

During the day.

Child: ‘Here are our ways to keep safe.”

We can keep safe by using sanitizer when we finish playing outside.

Remember, we must be with a teacher when we are using hand sanitizer.

First, we’re going to put our gum boots or shoes away like Eva.

It’s important we wash our hands after blowing our nose.

Kaiako: “Kia pai Wiremu.”

Kaiako 1: “Kotahi (one push), soap.”

Tamariki: “For real life?”

Kaiako 1: “Yep. And… two pushes of the tap.”

Kaiako 2: “And another push. Don’t forget to wash your fingers, good job.’

Kaiako 1: “Great scrubbing.”

Kaiako 2: “You need one towel. Give yourself a smile in the mirror.”

It is important that we cough and sneeze into our elbows so we’re not spreading germs.

Our Kaiako will let us know when it’s home time. We get ourselves ready and meet our whānau at the door.

Phone ringing. “Hello. Are you coming to get Hazel? Ok, see you soon. Bye”

Kaiako 1: “Hazel, you’re getting picked up now, it’s home time. Get all your things together. What do you need to do?”

It’s time to get all our belongings like our lunchbox, our clothes and any artwork you’ve done, and put it inside your bag.

Now it’s time to go home. You can tell your whānau about the awesome day you’ve had at CK.

Whānau: “Hi Hazel.”

Keep safe and be kind.


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Narrator: Christine



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