The 2014 OMEP World Assembly reaffirmed the organization’s commitment to WASH from the Start in collaboration with UNICEF.  The aim is to bring water, sanitation, and hygiene education (WASH) to young children, so they enter school healthy and ready to learn. The World Assembly decided that all OMEP National Committees should (1) celebrate Global Handwashing Day on October 15 each year and (2) post information and photos about Global Handwashing Day on their websites, and (3) submit photos for the World OMEP website. Here are some resources to help you plan Global Handwashing Day (GHD) events.

1.  Here is a great downloadable Global Handwashing Day Planners guide:

2.  Here is another downloadable Global Handwashing Day Planners Guide.  It’s full of ideas that can easily be used or adapted for preschools and other early childhood settings:

3.  Here is a third downloadable planners guide that includes ideas for assessing your Global Handwashing Day activities:

4.  Here is a link for some free,  downloadable posters and logos:

Here are some examples of the images you can download:

5.  Here is the Global Handwashing Day activities map. We’d love to see every OMEP country on the map after October 2014:

6.  Here’s a link to a Twitter Chat with more ideas about Global Handwashing Day:

Global Handwashing Day Beach Party organized by OMEP Benin

Global Handwashing Day Beach Party organized by OMEP Benin

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