In memory of Margaret Roberts:It is with great regret that I inform you of the death of Margaret Roberts last week.A gracious lady totally dedicated to the education of young children and to their well being.I was privileged to be her student on ‘The Child Development Course’ at The Institute of Education, University of London in 1967 – 1968. It was her influence which persuaded me to become a member of OMEP. For one year Margaret was The World President of OMEP, and succeeded in placing the organisation on a sound basis.Margaret started her career in a nursery, trained at Goldsmith’s College, London and taught and ran nursery schools in Birmingham and London. Later she became a tutorOn the ‘Early Years Education Course’ at Goldsmith’s College. Many of her former students recall her work there with great respect and affection.Then Margaret went to work in the Education Department of Hobart University, Tasmania, where she was much respected. Later she returned to Maria Gray College, West London as a senior lecturer in education. There she influenced many early years’ students and teachers. After many years there, she returned to Australia to ‘The Early Years Department; of Adelaide University, South Australia. Again, she made a deep impression on many educationists, and is regarded with much affection by OMEP members in Australia.In 1967/8 Margaret followed Dorothy Gardener as senior lecturer in charge of ‘The Early years Course’ at the Institute of Education, University of London.I visited early year’s placements with Margaret, and delighted to see how her total involvement in the children’s activities brought great warmth to the situation.Margaret was kind, caring and possessed great empathy. Her passing is a sad loss to us all.Dorothy Eiddona Selleck,  5th of October, 2014 

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