International Children’s Day: OMEP advocates for the extension of free preschool education in the Democratic Republic of the Congo

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Our committees in the Democratic Republic of the Congo and Burkina Faso worked for the visibility of the citizenship of the youngest children and for the dissemination and knowledge of their rights.

The president of OMEP RD of Congo, Mr. Michel Otto, proposed wearing a blue outfit and bow, as well as blue in the profile and statuses of our social media accounts.

Some educators explained the concept of rights to children in their schools and interventions were carried out through traditional media and social networks. From OMEP Burkina Faso, Lucien Hien reports that, on the occasion of Universal Children’s Day, Burkinabe children shared their concerns with the head of state.

The World Organization for Preschool Education (OMEP) takes advantage of the occasion of the global celebration of International Children’s Day to remember the importance of the Congolese State taking charge of basic education in its entirety to restore the rights of boys and girls preschool level (kindergarten) to free access to education.

In an interview given on Monday, November 20, 2023 to the Directorate of Communication Management of the Ministry of EPST (DGC-EPST), its president, Michel Otto, advocated in particular for the extension of free education at the preschool level in the DRC. See interview here.

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