International Day of Women and Girls in Science


February 11th is International Day for Women and Girls in Science (approved by the United Nations General Assembly in 2015)

“This Day is a reminder that women and girls play a key role in science and technology communities and that their participation need to be strengthened.”

OMEP France President and representative to UNESCO, Daniéle Perruchon, participated in the UNESCO-led and UN-Women celebration in Paris.

Speakers: Heide Hackmann, Lingadahalli Subrahmanya Shashidhara, Vivian Etsiapa Boama, GloriaBonder and Dragana Ilic.

Among the topics covered in different interventions are:

– Lack awareness about science

– Ignorance of scientific careers

– The importance of education from an early age

– The importance of networking and guidance

– The financial assistance provided by the (l’Oréal) Awards to acquire equipment in research laboratories, for example in Africa

– The need to create an Observatory to analyse the causes of the abandonment of sciences, and course of studies, and in the choice of a trade (UNESCO chair opened in Paris)

– Even more marked gender inequality in computer science.

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Message from Unesco Director-General, Mrs. Audrey Azoulay:

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