International Journal of Early Childhood (IJEC)

International Journal of Early Childhood (IJEC)

The International Journal of Early Childhood (IJEC) is the research journal of OMEP (World Organization for Early Childhood Education) published by the global publisher Springer Nature. Contributes to an international and critical scientific debate about research and practice in the field of early childhood, emphasizing the child’s right to education and care. IJEC provides an important voice for research about young children and children’s early education and care, across various social and cultural contexts, with a focus on children aged from birth to 8 years.

While not limited to the following topics, IJEC has published articles related to:

– Young children’s participation and agency in early childhood programs

– Children’s early learning across various developmental domains, in family contexts and early childhood programs

– Understanding how children’s learning is supported within and across cultural contexts

– Social, economic and environmental sustainability and early childhood education

– Policy analyses of national provisions and curricula for early childhood education

– Professional learning of teachers, and other practitioners, working with young children

– Inclusive early education for diverse populations of young children

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