Launch event of the Global Partnership Strategy (GPS) for early childhood

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OMEP cordially announces the co-organised online launch event of the Global Partnership Strategy for early childhood, in alliance with UNESCO and ECDAN.

December 6, 2021

13:30-14:30 CET.

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The launch of the Strategy is a unique opportunity to invite and share with the entire OMEP community, governments, UNESCO offices linked to countries and all actors linked to the realization of human rights in early childhood and the well-being of children.

The discussions will focus on the five strategies identified in the GPS

Harness evidence for action and rights

Leverage data, monitoring and evaluation for accountability

Promote countries’ efforts to scale-up access, inclusion, equity and quality

Assist countries and international agencies to strengthen policy, governance, financing and advocacy

Galvanize international and national coordination and cooperation

The event will aim to

Widely disseminate and promote the GPS, including its vision, orientations, results and key priority areas.

Raise awareness on how the GPS can contribute to the development of ECCE/ECD services for child and family development as the foundation of lifelong learning.  

Mobilize and engage all stakeholders to effectively enhance the GPS by synergizing their actions.

Encourage the strengthening of collaborative partnership networks at global, regional, and national levels to mobilize support, emphasizing the idea that a collective action can contribute to change.

Interpretation will be provided in English and French. 

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