This is an exclusive space for active OMEP members, you can ask your national Committee how to get free access to these contents.

In the “Where we work” section, you can find the contact information for your country.

AFRICA: https://omepworld.org/where-we-work-africa/ 

LATIN AMERICA: https://omepworld.org/where-we-work-latin-america/  

EUROPE: https://omepworld.org/where-we-work-europe/ 

ASIA-PACIFIC: https://omepworld.org/where-we-work-asian-pacific/

NORTH AMERICA AND THE CARIBBEAN: https://omepworld.org/where-we-work-north-america-caribbean/


If OMEP is not represented in your country, find out how to become an individual member or create a preparatory committee in your country at:


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