New deadline for the World Proyect: Color your Rights


April 30, 2021

THE CREATIVE ART WORLD OMEP Project for the 30 years of the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child was endorsed during the meeting for World Projects at the OMEP World Assembly in Panama, July 2019.

This project aims to give to the children the opportunity to participate actively in the application of their rights. Therefore, no specific article of the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child has been chosen, because it is important to let children in each country, with the help of their educators, choose the article/s that they want to work with, depending on their needs and also on the importance of the application of a specific article in each country. 

Project creator and co-ordinator: Dr. Maria Vassiliadou 

Curator of the exhibition in Cyprus: Dr. Maria Vassiliadou 

Project realisation: OMEP Cyprus 

Participant countries: All countries members of World OMEP are welcome to participate. 

OMEP Executive Committee representant: Ingrid Engdahl, VP for OMEP in Europe 

Due to the postponement of the World Assembly and International Conference, to July 2021, the deadline of this project has changed. 

The selected artworks shall be sent to the World Project by the latest April 30, 2021, via email to 

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