New deadline New Scholar Award


May 31st 2020

OMEP New Scholar Award is a new world project initiative of OMEP in order to promote study and research related to early childhood education and care to facilitate broad understanding of the needs of early childhood worldwide. This is the first year that World OMEP will present a research award for outstanding young scholars around the world. We invite all OMEP members and non-members to submit their proposals for the 2021 award. 

The OMEP New Scholar Award Committee will review all abstracts. Up to two applications will be selected for award, one for a postgraduate student (during masters or doctoral degree) and one for an early career researcher (within 5 years from gaining doctoral degree). Winner(s) will be notified by June, 30 2020.  

Winners will receive their award at OMEP’s 2021 World Conference. The amount of award is US$500 for post  graduate student winner and US$1,000 for an early career researcher winner.

Submission Deadline: May 31, 2020

Submit your research abstract by May, 31 2020 as an email attachment to the following:

Min Young Jang( Inquiries should also be sent to this email address.

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