TO: OMEP National Committees

FROM: Ingrid Pramling Samuelsson

Do members of your national committee have some good ideas for preparing teachers to incorporate Education for Sustainable Development (ESD) into their daily work with young children?  If so, we invite your national committee to join the next phase of OMEP’s on-going ESD project work.  This next phase, recently endorsed by the World Executive Committee, involves the development of ESD teacher education materials designed for students in training institutions, colleges, or universities or for early childhood practitioners in professional development programs – you as someone working close to children within the area of ESD can contribute.

The next phase will be called Development of Teacher Training Resources for Education for Sustainable Development in Early Childhood Education and Care.

Competition: As with the three previous phases, there will be a competition for contributions to this new phase.  Winners will receive a travel award to attend the 2015 World Assembly and Conference in Washington, D.C., where they will present their work.

Deadlines:  Please note these important deadlines:

October 15, 2014:  National Committee Presidents, or their designees, submit a letter of interest to me at

February 1, 2015:  Submissions due to me at

Submissions:  Submit a brief written description (maximum 3 pages) of engaging, copyright-free activities to help teacher education students and/or practitioners incorporate ESD into their daily work with young children.  These activities must include multimedia resources or other engaging materials illustrating good ESD practice in early childhood settings.  Multimedia/video resources and other supportive resources may be submitted along with the written description and pictures.

Awards:  A group of people will review the submitted examples, and depending on exactly how much money we have available for this and dependent on from where the winners come (the travel cost), about 3 to 5 people will have the possibility to come to Washington DC next July.

Publication and Dissemination: The goal is to distribute as many of the ideas as possible for use by OMEP members and others around the world. During the 2015 conference in Washington, an editorial group will be formed to review the submitted materials and determine how to revise, organize, and augment them for possible publication and distribution by 2016.

We look forward to receiving many good examples! 

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