OMEP is present at the 41st General Conference and 75th Anniversary of UNESCO

OMEP is actively participating in the 41st General Conference of UNESCO through its representatives: Lisbeth Gouin and Danièle Perruchon, President of OMEP France.

The conference began on November 6 and brings together political leaders, activists and specialists from countries until November 24.

On Wednesday 11, during the Global High-Level Meeting on Education 2021 (GEM 2021), which brought together education leaders from 40 states around the world , the Paris Declaration was adopted, with the purpose of address educational inequalities aggravated by Covid-19 and the need to invest more in education. OMEP contributed to the drafting of this declaration through its participation in the CCNGO / Education 2030, whose representative is the current World President, Mercedes Mayol Lassalle.

On November 12 at the session of the Education Commission, our representative Lisbeth Gouin took the floor and  stated that:

Early childhood has been the great forgotten of the pandemic because we tend to think that education begins with schooling at 6 years… OMEP remembers that each child is a citizen from birth, and both girls and boys have rights”.

On November 13, Danièle Perruchon presented OMEP’s position, ensuring that:

Humanity still owes a great debt to early childhood, and to their access to inclusive and quality education and care”

“This has been accentuated by the COVID-19 pandemic. It is time for us to move forward with strength and hope in creating a new reality for children. ”

OMEP works actively for children’s rights from the start!

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