OMEP present at the Conversation “Early Childhood Education: Crisis and Challenges”

The webinar “Early Childhood Education: Crisis and Challenges” (in Spanish), was broadcast live on September 3rd by Facebook, under the slogan The rights of children are not in quarantine!

The Grupo Impulsor de la Educación Inicial in charge of the webinar, invited Mercedes Mayol Lassalle -World President of OMEP- along with other experts to: discuss the current panorama of education and care of children, the challenges that have become more complex and deepened due to the COVID-19 pandemic, and finally the challenges in the face of the post-pandemic.

Mercedes in her presentation, proposed to problematize about the conjunctural moment that early childhood currently experiences from a global and regional perspective, emphasizing on how the closure of ECCE institutions has diverse and serious consequences at a general level, but even more profound and complex in some social groups, due to the deep inequalities in Latin America. She also raises the urgency of allocating state budgets for the protection of the rights of boys and girls, as they are the priority that governments have promised to protect.

For watching the full video in Spanish please click here

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