OMEP SEMINAR SERIES 2023 Financing in ECCE: moving forward on the Tashkent commitments

This webinar, that will take place the next June 28th at 8am (Buenos Aires) – 1pm (CET Europe) – 1pm (SAST) – 11 am (UTC) – 4.30pm (India), is launched in the framework of the Global Action Week for Education 2023.

This year’s GAWE slogan – “Investing in a Just World: Decolonising Education Financing Now!” was spread to ensure that all GCE coalitions and members could unite around the issue, with a mandate to drive increased funding for better, more equitable, sustainable and efficient education.

OMEP, as a member of the Global Campaign for Education (GCE), has been actively participating in the 2023 GAWE, by underscoring the importance of public investment in ECCE by all states.

The regional vice presidents of OMEP will be presenting the challenges of financing contextualized in the territory. We will also have the presence of keynote speaker Maria Ron Balsera, Program Director of the Center for Economics and Social Rights (CESR).


Registration form to view the event in English with translation into French and Spanish:

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