OMEP Statement on the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict


The World Executive Committee of the World Organization for Early Childhood Education (OMEP):

Condemn the attacks and crimes against the civil population and specially children. 

Call for an immediate stop to all aggression and a stop to this escalation of war.

Demand for strengthened diplomatic efforts to achieve sustainable peace and coexistence in the region.

Insist the United Nations and the governments of Israel and Palestine to comply with the UN Charter in their duty to protect the welfare and rights of children to the highest degree and as the highest priority.

Affirm our commitment to building peaceful societies and that just wars do not exist, because violence is the worst solution to resolve social, economic, territorial, or political disputes.

Assert that peaceful and constructive coexistence is possible. For 75 years OMEP’s National Committees have worked in peace, jointly and ecumenically, beyond cultural, ideological, political, or economic differences. Since its foundation we are convinced that safeguarding young children by prioritizing their protection, health, care, education, development and ensuring the fulfillment of their rights is not only necessary to alleviate suffering, but will also foster peace and security, resilience, justice, and social cohesion for all human beings.

Reiterate our urgent call to States, international and multilateral organizations to use all available means to stop, once and for all, the violence and wars that plague these countries and many others around the world, as stated in the OMEP 2022 World Assembly Declaration “Stop wars and violence. Urgent call for peace, disarmament, and dialogue”.

Offer our condolences and solidarity support to the children, families and communities who are victims of the horrors of violence and intolerance.

PDF of the statement to download

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