OMEP invites you to participate in a second Webinar of the OMEP Seminar Series 2023:

 Date: February 3rd

🕝 Time: 1pm (CET Time)

🌎 Language: English

Link to register:

Also live on YouTube OmepWorldTv

Opening: Mercedes Mayol Lassalle (OMEP World President)

Presentation: Professor Cecilia Wallerstedt and Professor Niklas Pramling 

Moderator and closing: Ingrid Engdahl (OMEP Sweden)

The goals of this webinar are to (1) provide a general overview of ESD in early education, (2) describe the ESD award process, and (3) provide specific information about the 2023 call for proposals.

‼️ Watching these videos prior to the webinar will enable us to engage in dialog and discussions to inspire projects for the 2023 ESD Award Competition ‼️ 

Here are the links to the videos:

Another resource is a blog on play-responsive teaching and learning available at

There will be a time for questions and answers where the public can participate by commenting on these materials and other concerns related to the topic.

Concept Note attached.

Link to the application form for ESD project proposals 2023:

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