OMEP´s Virtual World Assembly 2020


The World Executive Committee (EXCO) has gathered on September 15th through Zoom in order to discuss some administrative issues, including the procedures and date for the 2020 Virtual Assembly. 

During the first part of the meeting, the members discussed the situation of the pandemic in their countries and regions in relation to early childhood education and care. The big picture shows that some countries are in the process of reopening, others are still in quarantine with higher rates of contagion and others are going through a second wave of contagion.

The second item on the agenda was related to some financial issues that were commented on by the World Treasurer, Elin Eriksen Ödegaard.After, the Regional Vice-presidents (VPs) that were present, gave a brief report about the development of the Virtual Regional Meeting: Desirée Lopez de Maturana commented that in the Latin American Region, they have developed two meetings, and the last one will take place in october. Udomluck Kulapichitr, shared that it is possible that on October 6th the RM in Asia will take place. Then Nyamikeh Kyiamah, VP of the African Region commented that they had their meeting in July, and she shared about the good experience it was. And finally, Ingrid Engdahl commented that on September 30th they will celebrate the European Meeting. 
Then the EXCO discussed the Virtual World Assembly. The procedures manual was approved and it was decided that the meeting will take place through Zoom on November 28. The invitation, procedures and other documents will be sent to the Committees.

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