Participation of the OMEP World President in the UNESCO Seminar: “Ensuring the Quality of Learning and Well-being of young children in the Context of the COVID-19”


The World President of OMEP-Mercedes Mayol Lassalle, will participate on July 15 at 13:30-hour Paris, in the webinar/seminar: “Ensure the quality of learning and well-being of young children in the context of the COVID-19”  developed by UNESCO (in English and French) with the sponsorship of Princess Laurentien. The webinar aims to highlight some of the common challenges, solutions provided and lessons learned during the Covid-19 crisis to ensure continuity of learning and well-being for all young children; and mobilize the international community, especially members of the Global Coalition for Education (GEC), to develop concrete solutions and actions towards quality learning and well-being for young children. The seminar is primarily aimed at ministries in charge of ECEC, especially officials and professionals, international and civil society organizations and networks dealing with ECEC and members of universities and research institutes.

The webinar focuses on early childhood, especially the 250 million young children who are at risk of not reaching their full potential (according to UNESCO statistics) and the possible lifetime impacts, as all their rights are not prioritized and guaranteed, this becomes more urgent due to the invisiization that children have had since the beginning of the pandemic by COVID-19.

Many young children have been deprived of opportunities for care, learning and well-being, due to the prolonged closure of schools. Some children have continued their education through virtual platforms, however these strategies do not have practical experiences and human contact, fundamental in early childhood educational processes. On the other hand, early childhood educators are under pressure to continue to educate in such adverse circumstances and conditions, and on the other hand, families and caregivers have had to take the place of educators, without professional knowledge about it.

As described above, UNESCO proposes to develop the webinar, in order to further mobilize global and national policy makers, initial education sponsors and partners for concrete action to ensure quality education and well-being for young children during and after the COVID-19 pandemic.

The seminar agenda is divided into 6 parts:

  • Opening  session
  • Impact of Covid-19 on initial education, children and their families.
  • Roundtable (experiences of 4 countries)
  • Called to action, what are we going to do with what we know?
  • Panel discussions
  • Comments and final conclusions 

participants must register in advance via the following link:

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