Peace Education



Almost every country in the world is affected by the COVID 19 pandemic. Forecasts predict that between 60 and 70% of the population could be infected by 2021

Our destabilized world is going to have to reinvent itself

-living in a world that respects human rights, a more caring world,

-a world more respectful of the environment and local and global biodiversity

-a world where education for peace and non-violence will not only be words but will become fraternal and solidary acts

So let’s not act like before this pandemic, in a world where the winning economy continues to produce more lefts every day, poverty and discrimination continue to increase

causes more and more migrations …

As Peter Moss, famous English teacher advocates, we should take advantage of this new period to write a new story with the children of the world ………

-We promote the right of every children, to be considered a citizen of the world

-We promote education for all children, including values ​​of success not based on performance, but on personal development

-we promote autonomy, training with a scientific mind, critical thinking, and creativity

-Aliening the development of all evaluating their potential, their platform for success

-We promote educational projects based on the real needs of children and built with them

-We promote teaching in peace and non-violence

-We promote common, participatory, and supportive reflection among parents, families, educators, teachers, scientists, institutions and governance to identify together what values ​​we want to prioritize

-We promote the learning of the mother tongue, dialogue, non-violent communication

-We promote direct relationships instead of the use of remote communication techniques that have their benefits, but also their limitations

We promote “Caring” as a priority for our World Organization for Preschool Education (OMEP) to become a global prerogative for the well-being of all

It is not the “take care of yourself” that concludes all our exchanges in these difficult times!

So see you soon, together we are going to build a new world, united and in peace!

Lisbeth Gouin

OMEP Representative at UNESCO

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