Publication: Iliana Lo Priore, OMEP Venezuela


This study, coordinated by CLADE and OMEP, shares the findings obtained from the documentary analysis and interviews, analyzing the international context of educational evaluations, the evaluation trends in the Latin American countries of reference (Argentina, Panama, Peru and the Dominican Republic) and its evaluative policies and praxis.

The research considers the evaluation during the pandemic, the common things and contains orientations and proposals for the evaluation from an ethical, inclusive, respectful, dignifying and humanizing perspective of our childhoods and of the policies directed to ECCE.

Author: Iliana Lo Priore, OMEP Venezuela
Coordination: Nelsy Lizarazo and Giovanna Modé for the Latin American Campaign for the Right to Education (CLADE); Iliana Lo Priore Infante and Desireé López de Maturana for the World Organization for Early Childhood Education in Latin America (OMEP Latinamerica).
Research support group, contributions, data and information: Javier Allume, Griselle Arellano, Ulina Mapp, Gina Oré, Erika Dunkelberg, Rut Kuitca, Alejandra Castiglioni, Elisa Spakowsky, Cristina Tacchi, Alejandra Akar. 
Collaborations: OMEP Argentina, OMEP Panamá, OMEP Perú, OMEP Uruguay, OMEP Venezuela, RD Forum.
Final revision: Desireé López de Maturana, Iliana Lo Priore Infante, Ulina Mapp, Gina Oré, Rut Kuitca y Griselle Arellano.

The document is in our Library: LINK

👉🏾Interview with the author by CLADE:

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