Seminar “Emotional education for well-being and healthy coexistence in preschool education” – OMEP Chile


November 25 – December 3 

Available in Spanish

The Chilean Committee of OMEP participated in the Interactive Virtual Fair with the OMEP Conversation – Rethinking education in current contexts: emotions and corporality, in which they participated:

Alejandra Castiglioni, Vice President OMEP Argentina.

Desirée López de Maturana, OMEP Regional Vice President for Latin America.

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This event, organized by the Superintendency of Education of Chile, is totally free and open to all public and is available online.


Webinar: Emotional education for healthy coexistence and good treatment

Guests: Cristián O’Ryan, Superintendent of Education. Rafael Bisquerra, doctor in Educational Sciences, president of the International Network for Emotional Education and Well-being. Arnaldo Canales, International Trade Engineer, President of the Chile Leadership Foundation (FLICH).

Webinar: The impact of emotions on the quality of education

Guests: Cristián O’Ryan, Superintendent of Education. María Luisa Orellana, mayor of Early Childhood Education. Dra. Amanda Céspedes, child and adolescent neuropsychiatrist, president of the Amanda Educational Foundation.

Interactive Virtual Fair with 12 thematic stands by different institutions.

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