Strengthen the right to early childhood education.

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OMEP World President participated in the May 30 webinar: “Strengthening the right to education: a new treaty to guarantee free preschool and secondary education for all children”, where the initiative to strengthen the right to free education according to international law and ways in which participants can encourage support from their national governments.

OMEP has been intensively working to strengthen the right to early childhood education in legal frameworks.

  • We have framed it as a flagship initiative in the Strategic Plan
  • We proposed its incorporation into the Tashkent Declaration
  • We formed a working group to jointly influence this necessary change.

Today we have a window of opportunity!

Governments will consider a Resolution at the next session of the UN Human Rights Council, beginning on June 18, to work on a new Optional Protocol to the Convention on the Rights of the Child that would recognize explicitly the rights of all children. to early childhood education and care; the right to at least one year of free public preschool education; and the right to free public secondary education for all children.

Let´s encourage governments to support this resolution and help ensure that all children in the world have access to free, quality and inclusive education.

Let’s support a United Nations Human Rights Council resolution for the right to ECCE!

Watch webinar here:

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