Support for the bill for the expansion of the Licensing Regime in Argentina

Foto Regimen Licencias

In a new meeting of the Interministerial Board of Care, coordinated by the MM of Argentina, where consensus built between the State and civil society was shared on the importance of recognizing care as a need, right and work.
OMEP World Facebook highlighted the importance of “supporting the bill for the expansion of the Licensing Regime, because it ensures the care, well-being and right to development of children during early childhood: it collaborates strongly in the construction of secure and positive attachment, greater possibilities of extending breastfeeding and the organization of loving, healthy and stimulating upbringing in the family environment. Care and education are inseparable social practices, and Provided in a stable, timely and quality manner, it positively impacts the present and the future of children, families, communities and the country”
The World President of OMEP was present and pointed out the importance of focusing the initiative on the comprehensive protection of early childhood and on the principle of interest of the child.

Click here to access the official news of the meeting.

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