Symposium at the 2016 OMEP World Conference

Symposium at the 2016 OMEP World Conference

The first Play and Resilience Symposium was held on 8 July 2016, the last day of the 2016 OMEP World Conference. We invited the winners of the Play and Resilience Travel Award to give a short presentation on their projects. The Travel Award recognised the best efforts in promoting play and resilience around the world. Among the 36 applications we received, the 7 projects that clearly demonstrated outstanding qualities and potential were awarded.

Play and Resilience: An Introduction

Maggie Koong
World Project Leader

Developing Resilience through Medical Play

Dawn Butterworth & Lis Mathiasen

Preschool Altruism and Soul

Larisa Pejić
Bosnia and Herzegovina

Promoting Democratic Coexistence in Early Childhood

Evelyn Adriana Calero
El Salvador

Physical Education in Early Childhood (PEECh)

Claire McLachlan & Sophie Foster
New Zealand

Protect Early Childhood Resilience

Ebru Ersay

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