The map of early childhood care and education is a dynamic place in constant transformation. A segment of this map is formed by the institutions of the pre-primary level within the structure of the formal education system; but it would not be complete if we 
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The emergency that was installed worldwide this year revealed the existing inequality in the societies of the XXI century. The most vulnerable population groups are being the most affected, not only by the health crisis that each country is differently facing, but also because of 
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The Confinement managed to stop us, and start thinking, to feel, to imagine, to value, to thank, to feel human. Confinement has made us think about our way of life: rush, stress, superficiality, intolerance of frustration, submission to screens, competitiveness, endless occupations, excessive dependencies. It 
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‘The Committee interprets the right to education during early childhood as beginning at birth and closely linked to young children’s right to maximum development’. If we take this statement by the UN Committee on the Rights of the Child as[1] [2] [3]  a starting point, where might 
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