The “Grande Fête du Préscolaire” in RC 2024 at Pointe-Noire

portada grand fete

Preparations for the big preschool party scheduled for August 10 are already underway.

In front of the press, the president of the World Organization for Preschool Education (OMEP-RDC) Michel Otto, explained that the objective of this celebration will be to awaken the legislative authorities, the government and the community on the importance of preschool in the life of a human.

He indicated that the role of OMEP-DRC is to campaign for the promotion of preschool education or kindergarten in the DRC. OMEP wants to show parents that tomorrow’s world requires more investment in preschool or early childhood.

This year this holiday will be celebrated under the theme: “Preschool, a business for everyone and a right for every child”.

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