VIII International Congress Buen Comienzo “Early childhood education, sowing the future”

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The “Buen Comienzo” (Good Start) Special Administrative Unit of the Medellin Mayor’s Office will organize the 8th “Buen Comienzo” International Congress “Early childhood education, sowing the future” with the support of the World Organization for Preschool Education-OMEP, the University of Valencia-Spain, the Interuniversity Network Buen Comienzo, Campestre Ingeniosos Preschool, Fruto Bendito Foundation and AMEI-WAECE. The event, which will take place on October 19 and 20, 2022 in a virtual format, is free and requires prior registration. OMEP colleagues María Victoria Peralta @OMEPChile, María Elizabeth (Chabela) Ivaldi @OMEPUruguay and Gabriela Fairstein @OMEPArgentina will participate as main speakers.
Program and registration:

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