Virtual meeting -Fundación Navarro Viola, RIL and OMEP


Mercedes Mayol Lassalle, World President of OMEP participated in the virtual meeting held on July 29, 2020, by Fundación Navarro Viola and RIL in the space “Capacitate”, the theme was: Tools for the approach of early childhood in the current context.

The meeting was aimed at sharing strategies, proposals and analysis on accompanying families and institutions with the youngest children during compulsory preventive isolation and the global crisis due to the pandemic, which has black and white the various problems in the world, and above all how invisible childhoods are, even more in fragile environments and contexts marked by inequality and precariousness, where rights seem to be more privileges than inherent rights as proposed by Human Rights or the CRC. On the other hand, relevant aspects were addressed such as the importance of new, more inclusive public policies, with adequate financing and in which the Best Interest of the Child prevails, as well as the recommendations contained in the General Observations of the Committee on the Rights of the Child.

Lastly, some of the challenges posed by the post-pandemic were mentioned, in which, as Mercedes mentions, a “new normal” must be created, especially in childhood, in which citizenship is considered from a multicultural, intersectoral model and with a focus on rights.

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