WCECCE, last day: Commitment Day


Today, the WCECCE closed its program with the “Commitment Day”, which began with visits to ECCE institutions, followed by a high-level session and the adoption of the Tashkent Declaration and its Call for Commitments. In between, a 1-hour session took place between representatives of different entities in order to share key messages, including its linkages to the Transforming Education Summit follow-up.
Below is the link to the video of the last day of the Conference. The world president of OMEP, Mercedes Mayol Lassalle, makes her speech starting at minute 5.08.19, in which she closes, with a clear message, the fruitful participation of OMEP in the World Conference on Care and Education of Early Childhood.

Mercedes Mayol Lassalle, OMEP world president, making her speech in the “Commitment Day”
OMEP visiting kindergarten in Tashkent, Uzbekistan

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