North America and the Caribbean Region

Where we work

North America and the Caribbean Region

Where we work

OMEP is an international non profit civil society organization that works all over the world. Its National Committees are active in about 70 countries of the world.

At present, OMEP is working in 5 Regions, each one chaired by a Regional Vice President appointed at the World Assembly for a three-year (3-year) period, which can be renewed once.

Each National Committee belongs to a Region of OMEP: Africa, Asia-Pacific, Europe, North America and the Caribbean, and Latin America.

Regional Assemblies are held at least once a year, comprising members of the National Committees of the Region concerned, upon convening with the Regional Vice President. These meetings are aimed at defining the programmes and projects of the Region in accordance with the Strategic Plan approved at the World Assembly and also reviewing the work of the Regions and determining future activities.

The OMEP Vice President of the North America and the Caribbean Region is Christiane Bourdages-Simpson  

At the moment, there are 3 National Committees in the Region: Canada, Haiti, and the United States of America.

  1. Informations Générales du Comité National
    Pays : Canada
    Adresse du Comité national : 170 du Rocher, Chicoutimi
    Ville : Québec, Canada
    Code postal : G7G 2C2
    Adresse électronique institutionnelle de l’OMEP :
    Site Internet institutionnel :
    Facebook: OMEP CANADA
    Année de création du Comité national 1958
  1. Information Institutionnelle

Membres du Comité Exécutif National

Président/e National:

  1. Nom : Christiane Bourdages-Simpson
  2. E- mail:
  3. Profession : Spécialiste à l’éducation préscolaire

Autres postes du Comité national

Membres 1

  1. Nom: Hélène Larouche
  2. Fonction : Vice-présidente
  3. E- mail:
  4. Profession : Professeure retraitée

Membre 2

  1. Nom: Élisabeth Jacob
  2. Fonction : Trésorière
  3. E- mail:
  4. Profession : Professeure

National President
Ghyslaine JL Rochelin

Comité Haïtien de l’OMEP

c/o Logitek 40 rue Waag Port-au-Prince, Haiti W.I. HT 6112




National President
Ebony C. Cray

OMEP United States National Committee




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