Members of the World Assembly gather by at the Karolinum WORDS FROM THE WORLD PRESIDENT August 2018 On behalf of OMEP World Executive Committee, I would like to extend my most sincere thanks for your participation in the 2018 OMEP World Assembly and Conference. This year, over 600 early childhood researchers, practitioners, policymakers, advocates, and future teachers from around the world joined us in Prague. I would especially like to thank the conference committee led by Milada, the chair of the organizing committee, and Dana, the president of OMEP Czech Republic, as well as all of the supporting agencies, businesses, and organizations in Prague. The conference could not have been so successful without the committee and the board. Thank you once again.  For more photos, please use the link below (Google Drive) 
(https://drive.google.com/open?id=1LTmxv2cD8gkc6GUM1-HjJTy2G9VEyOXs). In the same link, you can also find more documents and photos of the 70th OMEP World Assembly and Conference. ​ Here are some updates from the 2018 OMEP World Assembly that I would like to share with you.   

A. 70th OMEP World Assembly and International Conference
a. Membership
We agreed to accept three new preparatory committees: OMEP Guatemala, Italia and Sierra Leone. We welcome all new committees and hope to continue working together in the future.
b. Regional Vice President of Africa and Europe 
This year, we have newly elected regional vice presidents for Africa and Europe. Nyamikeh Kyiamah, president of OMEP Ghana, was elected for the African region. Ingrid Engdahl, OMEP Sweden, was elected for the European region.
c. Website Renewal 
World OMEP Spanish website (www.worldomep.org) has been renewed. Please visit our new website for more information about World OMEP.d. 70th Anniversary Book Set
Three books on the history OMEP have been published to celebrate 70th anniversary of OMEP: The history book, photo book, and terminology book. Each book is uploaded in the OMEP’s website in English, French and Spanish. Please use the link below.

e. OMEP: Theory into Practice
OMEP: Theory into Practice has been launched at the 2018 world assembly and conference in Prague, Czech in celebration of OMEP’s 70th anniversary. The theme of the first volume is ‘Constructing Early Childhood Cultures of Peace, Right, Play and Participation.  When you visit our website, you will find this online journal 
(https://worldomep.org/index.php?hCode=PUBLICATION_05_01_02) Anyone interested in the journal is welcome to visit the site.  

B. Regional Conferencea. Africa Regional Conference
The 10th OMEP Africa Regional Conference will be held in Nairobi, Kenya from September 26th to 28th, 2018. This conference will be hosted by OMEP Kenya. The theme of the conference is ‘Creative Learning in Early Years: Foundation for a sustainable future’.For the detailed information on this conference, you can visit the following address. 

C. International Journal of Early Childhood
The International Journal of Early Childhood (IJEC) published Volume 50, Issue 1 April 2018.For more information, please visit the URL provided below.- Volume 50, Issue 1: 
– https://link.springer.com/journal/13158/50/1/page/1


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