Members of the World Assembly gather by the seaside during a break.

September 2017

On behalf of OMEP World Executive Committee, I would like to extend my most sincere thanks for your participation in the 2017 OMEP World Assembly and Conference. This year nearly 600 early childhood researchers, practitioners, policy makers, advocates, andfuture teachers from around the world joined us in Opatija.

I would especially like to thank the conference committee led by Adrijana Visnjic Jevtic, as well as all of the supporting agencies, businesses, and organizations in Opatija. The conference could have not been so successful without them. Thank you once again.

For more photos, please click here
(https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B3L79evPJ8s8dTF0d0JlMVFmeDg). At this same site in the drive, you will also find more documents and photos of the 69th OMEP World Assembly and Conference.

Here are some updates from the 2017 OMEP World Assembly that I would like to share with you.

A. 69th OMEP World Assembly and International Conference

a. Renewal of Website
World OMEP website(www.worldomep.org) has been renewed.
Please visit our new website for more information about World OMEP, our projects, and what is going on in our national committees.b. Membership
We agreed to accept one national committee, OMEP Venezuela, and one new preparatory committee, OMEP Iran. We welcome both committees and hope to continue to working with them in the future.c. New OMEP Brochure and a logo for 70th anniversary of OMEP
We created a new brochure of World OMEP as well as a logo for 70th World OMEP Anniversary next year. The brochure in English, French, Spanish is in the shared google drive.
If you wish to use it, please click above URL. .
Here is the logo created for 70th anniversary.

d. Sustainable Development Goals(SDGs): World OMEP Factsheets
The Sustainable Development Goals(SDGs) document was adopted by UN General Assembly in September 2015. The document consists of 17 goals and 169 targets to achieve the ‘World We Want.’ It requires broad partnerships at global and national levels to achieve the goals. As one of the civil society organizations associated with the United Nations, World OMEP also needs to take actions at national and global levels to promote the achievement of SDGs around the world. To assist with our advocacy efforts, we developed a series of factsheets regarding SDGs as they relate to early childhood education and care.

If you visit our website, you will find World OMEP’s factsheets in the ‘SDG Related documents’ section of the Policy and Advocacy menu. (www.worldomep.org/index.php?hCode=POLICY_03_01_03).
Anyone who is interested in SDGs is welcome to use the factsheets.

B. Preparation of 70th OMEP Anniversary: Prague Visitation

Nektarios Stellakis, Vice President for Europe Region, and I visited Prague July 5 to 7. The purpose was to help with planning 70th OMEP anniversary, to be held June 25 – 29, 2018 in Prague. The president of OMEP Czech Republic, Dana Moravcova, and a chair of the organizing committee, Milada Rabusicova, welcomed and accompanied us for visit to the conference venue and the OMEP archive site

University Carolina where the first OMEP Conference held

The room where world assembly will be held next year
Meeting the librarian in the Commenius Museum who is in charge of OMEP Archive

C. Preparation of launching ‘Theory into Practice’

During the ExCO meeting and World Assembly in Opatija, members agreed to launch a new journal entitled, ‘Theory into Practice.’ This journal will feature practices in early childhood education and care around the world. Further information will be available soon.

D. International Journal of Early Childhood

The International journal of early childhood (IJEC) published volume 49, issue 1 in April and volume 49, issue 2 in August, 2017. The volume 49, issue 2 is a special issue on “Transforming early childhood systems for future generations”, which is the theme of 2016 OMEP International Conference.

For more information, please visit below url. – Volume 49, Issue 1:
– Volume 49, Issue 2:


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