World President Meetings with the Executive Committee


From left to right: President of the Argentine Committee, World President, Regional Vice President for Latin America, team of the president, President of the Uruguay committee

Mercedes Mayol Lassalle, OMEP World President, has held virtual meetings during january and part of february with the executive committee (World Treasurers, incoming and outcoming, and Regional Vice Presidents VPs)

During the meetings with Regional VPs some ideas were shared about: projects, expectations, strengths, and improvement possibilities. Also, was highlighted the importance of participating in the 72nd World Assembly and Conference, as in the World Projects and Awards. Finally, was emphasized the need to articulate regional work through strengthening internal communication.

On the other hand, several meetings were held in the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires with Desiree Lopez De Maturana, current VP of Latin America, with the purpose of splice the work of Mercedes Mayol Lassalle as past VP of Latin America (2014- 2019) with the new work that is starting. To continue with the agenda, Mercedes will be meeting with representatives to the United Nations, UN/UNESCO during february and march to construct common action strategies.

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