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Young Children’s – Experiences of COVID-19

The pandemic has led to massive changes in the lives of children and families. 

Much has been written about the effects of the pandemic for adults, such as health concerns, loss of employment and changes to lifestyles.

However, less is known about the effects of the pandemic for children. 

This book documents a variety of experiences during the COVID-19 pandemic throughout 2020, from the perspective of children themselves.

The book is the culmination of an OMEP History project that collected artwork from children five years of age or younger, living in cities, towns, and rural locations Australia-wide.

The children were encouraged by educators at their early childhood centers to submit artwork responding to the following prompts:

How I feel about COVID-19

Something I enjoyed during COVID-19

Something I missed during COVID-19

The book forms a collection of artworks as part of a special commemoration of children’s experiences.

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